General Carrier Questions

Plansight allows you to customize your notification rules.  You tell us what type of RFPs you want to see, and when an opportunity fits, we deliver it right to your inbox.

Plansight makes it quick and easy to enter a quote.  Either copy and existing quote, utilize a request from the broker or select a plan from your template library. Quotes can be completed in a matter of seconds.

Easily! Plansight allows you to extract the entire RFP with the push of a button, including all data and supporting documents to begin your analysis.

We make it easy to find help in Plansight.  Simple to find information is always at your fingertips, as well as instructional videos built right into the platform.

Absolutely!  Whenever your broker partners have updated RFP information within the platform you will receive a notification via email.
There is no limit to the number of options you can upload into Plansight.  Have a great suggested plan design? Load it into Plansight and show your broker partners the advantages.

Each RFP has a very clear seat of dates that are controlled by your <i>broker</i> partners.

General Broker Questions

Currently, Plansight can accommodate the marketing of over 20 benefit lines and point services. We are actively looking to add more as new best-in-class solutions arise. In addition, we can handle fully insured, level-funded, or self-funded arrangements on everything from Major Medical to Disability.

Plansight allows you to invite <i>carriers</i> outside of our system to respond to RFPs.  Simply tell us where to send the invite and your favorite <i>carriers</i> and resps will be invited to download and respond to the RFP securely. Leave the rest up to us, our <i>carrier</i> advocacy team will help them along the way.

As <i>carriers</i> respond we log and track everything.  Login anytime to see responses and comparisons in real-time.  Our Market Response Summary is always up to date.

No.  Plansight simply connects you with top <i>carriers</i> who want to compete for your client’s business.  Beyond that, it is up to you to decide who to show, who to eliminate, and ultimately who to recommend to your client.

100%!  Plansight has a proprietary tool that allows you to create and export beautiful and fully customizable presentations for every RFP.  And the best part is, by giving <i>carriers</i> the ability to respond within Plansight, they help you build your presentation!

You bet! Our system allows you to view your agency’s block of business at a local, regional, or national level.  Plansight lets you zoom in and zoom out, based on your needs, and we can even build reports based on the data points you want to measure.

Plansight is the only platform capable of accommodating the entire RFP process for 20+ Employee Benefits, all within a single system of record.  Whether it’s the easy-to-compare Plansight View, our robust Elections Builder Tool, or our proprietary Presentation Editor, Plansight empowers you to have a better RFP experience, every single time.

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