Our Leadership Team

Plansight is lead by experienced professionals in benefits and technology, working to bring you the best of both.

Weston Lunsford


Weston brings years of experience as an operator, investor, and leader in the SaaS world.  Weston drives our vision and strategy, ensuring that Plansight remains at the forefront of innovation in the employee benefits space. 

Chris Toyn


With his extensive experience in finance and accounting, Chris plays a critical role in driving our financial success and growth. His strategic insights and financial expertise enable us to make sound business decisions and optimize our operations for maximum efficiency.

Steve Overton

Founder | CPO

Steve oversees all aspects of Plansight, with a particular focus on the software platform. His decades in benefits bring unrivaled insight into the product, for both brokers and carriers.

David Sitterud


Dave works hands on with our broker and carrier partners to help everyone succeed. His work on both broker technologies and carrier technologies gives our clients a leg up.

Nick Warner

EVP of Client Success

Nick leads our customer success team with a proven track record in onboarding and supporting clients successfully in the software world. With his expertise and dedication to our client’s success, Nick ensures that each client receives the best possible experience.