The Only Complete RFP Solution for the Employee Benefits Industry


RFP Builder

Imagine a world where all RFPs have a consistent structure. Plansight guides brokers through a predictable process of building each and every RFP.

No document left behind. No RFP Incomplete.


Simple Distribution

Brokers, Easily connect with your carriers in Plansight. One-Touch Distribution sends your RFPs to any carrier.


Plan Comparisons

Spend more time analyzing benefits and developing the best strategy for clients, and spend no time building spreadsheets.

Plansight reads and sorts quotes automatically. This process reduces errors and duplicative efforts, and effectively eliminates the need for spreadsheets along with the headaches of version control. As soon as a bid is placed, you can effortlessly compare it side-by-side with every other available bid.


Carrier Value Proposition

Carriers, we know numbers alone never tell the full story. That’s why we built Plansight to allow you to add dynamic content, such as illustrations, video and interactive media, to your bids.

As a preferred carrier on Plansight, you get full control to put your message at broker's fingertips in your own words.



Everyone wins with more data.

Plansight levels the playing field for carriers, allowing them to see competitive bids.

And in turn brokers are better able to negotiate better for their clients.


Scenario Modeling

Test unlimited contribution, claims and enrollment scenarios on the fly - all within Plansight and without building a single spreadsheet.

Plansight is a fully scalable platform that gives you the power to see how small changes can make a big difference.


Simple, Beautiful Client Presentations

Brokers, don't sweat the presentation.

Use Plansight to bring your presentations to life. Side-by-side comparisons. Dynamic content. Situational modeling. Everything you need to inform your clients lives in Plansight and can be beautifully presented on screen or on paper.

Whether you received 40 bids or 400, Plansight scales to meet your needs automatically.